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I Need You

This song is by Amanda Perez.

Every night that I'm with you, I can see you each day, that our love is true
From all the long fights in the middle of the night
To all the hard work to try to make it tight
You're the one I want for the rest of my life

I need you by my side babe, I need you in my life babe
I need you here babe. You're so sincere babe
I can never give you less babe, good lovin' babe, from the best babe

I love you boy, you're all I need
Want to give you all of me
You fill my heart with all your soul, I don't need to look for love no more
You fill my dreams, you always make good love to me, to me

Up down love your body around, don't stop 'cause I'm feeling you now
Push pull I love what you do
Believe in you but I'm no fool, you give me nothing but love and respect
Especially when we're soaking wet, baby

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