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This song is by Amanda Perez.

Ooh I dedicate (dedicate)
Ooh I dedicate (dedicate)

Lately I've been thinkin'
'Bout all the things that we
Been goin' though and how
You break my heart you think
That I don't love you If you look
Deep inside your heart you know
That I really do care so when you
Need me I promise I'll be right there
That's why

I dedicate this song to the
Love of my life lately I know
Things havn't seemed to be
Going right but you know
I'm the one for you and you're
The one for me that's why I sing
This song to tell you that I love you
'Cause you're my one and only

Lying in my bed tears
Fallin' down my face prayin'
To God that our love don't
Fade away 'cause it's okay
'Cause we can work it out
'Cause with you I can't live without
And these words that I need to say
Is to you I dedicate

Oh you're the one that
I adore and no matter
What we go through
I love you forever and more
So you say that you never miss
A good friend till they're gone
Well if you love me like you say
You do then show me the way
Back to your heart and that's why

Oh I dedicate (fade)

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