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Angel (Rap Version)

This song is by Amanda Perez and appears on the album Angel (2003).

Since the age of 11
Stayed in my room 24/7
Yeah, I stayed in my lab
With a pen and a pad
Cause music was all that I had
So god gifted
My music I be lefting
Yeah they be trippin'
On all the music that I be mixing
It could be hip-hop
Or r&b
Yeah I can rap and I can sing
Got any questions
Go ahead and give me a ring
I can make a beat for you in 10 minutes or less
I'm the best
Then Ill have you all stressed
Go ahead give me a test
'Cause this right here I guarantee
That I can prove it
I don't need no one to make my music
'Cause I can write and produce it
And to those who have money
But wouldn't bring me up
Now your stuck
Now can you tell me what
What, what, tell me what
Now what where you at?
Now what where you at?
Now what where you at?
I'm way in the front
You way in the back
See everything I do
Is with blood sweat and tears
Give you what I feel
Make you love what you hear
Letting no one in this world
Ever bring me down
Five years from now
Still be in your town
Breaking it down
Nothing but grammy material
Bump this shit in your stereo
You gonna go hysterical
Cause my shit so lopical
To all the men
Who said they put my foot in the door
Just took my music
Now it's me they ignore
Then March 11 came
And I didn't know what was in store
They told me I was worth
Much much more
They said that I deserved my big change
So I signed a contract
Now I'm set 10 years in advanced
To those who don't give a suck
I wish you luck
Now can you please tell me what
What what tell me
Plea the fifth no perjury
All you heard of me?
You wanna know more? Talk to my attorney
Haters beware haters be scared
How's it feel to hate a real playa
A playa gonna play it like a playa do
Why you ask when a playa is playing you
Get a clue stop thoughting and think
You can open up your eyes unstead of your blink
Say it with me
The keys to the mercedes
Yeah too the tee zee
Fort down holigans
Slang that on the fever?
5 on lily and anthony
We don't let it ride
We ride on it
For real!

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