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Hollywood Flashback

This song is by Amanda Lear and appears on the album Sweet Revenge (1978) and on the compilation album Queen of Chinatown (1998).

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We met in a flashback
Starrin' only you
A Hollywood flashback
Made me feel so blue
A Hollywood flashback
Just the two of us
And a movie soundtrack, make up
You looked so good in close up
In Hollywood, in Hollywood

You and me, like in a movie
We used to love in slow motion
In the golden sunset
Of a Hollywood, film set
You and me, like in a movie
Blendin' actin' and clever lightin'
Oscar winnin' performance
Almost a true romance

Celluloid darling
In an open car
Cameras are rolling
Sunset Boulevard
A Hollywood flashback
Alive on the screen
Love is like a flashback, a dream
For a lonely movie queen
Throwin' you, in my arms
Was a touch, of clever casting

You and me, like in a movie
We both demanded top billing
Me in my false eyelashes
You in your fake, moustache
You and me, like in a movie
We're kissing in Technicolor
Sleepin' in day for night
Make believe tears, and phony fights

We met in a Hollywood flashback...

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