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Blue Tango

This song is by Amanda Lear and appears on the album Sings Evergreens (2005).

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When you're leaving me - if I let you go,
Take away my heart as I won't need it any more.
Take away my nights, all my lonely nights,
When you're ready to go,
Just leave me the blue tango.

Like a blue tango
As your eyes are blue,
When you're ready to go,
Remember how much I loved you,
And let me go
Like a blue tango,
I'll remember you,
When you're ready to go,
Just leave me with the blue tango.

I was loving you - more than you will know,
'Cause I needed you, my darling,
You know it's true.
But I don't know why - I don't even cry,
And my sister sorrow
Will teach me the blue tango.

When you're ready to go
Remember to catch my shadow
And let me go.
All my happiness
I must now borrow,
In my loneliness
I'll always have the blue tango.

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