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The Wrong Man

This song is by Amanda Ghost and appears on the album Ghost Stories (2000).

Perfect is tonight. It's opened up to find
No matter what I say you're a substitute for my pride
It's terrible to see a new accessory no matter what
I say you're just filling a void in me
But it's better to know the girl inside
You're always running towards the needs that you recognize
But it's better to leave the love behind 'cause you're the wrong
Man a the wrong time in my life. You don't. You don't
You won't. You won't belong. Wasted is today
Another pill to take
I know the hate is equal to the love we make
To you I don't belong when the trust has gone
I know the games we play aren't fooling anyone you don't
You don't. You won't. You won't belong

Written by:

Amanda Ghost; Lukas Burton; Sacha Skarbek

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