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This song is by Amanda.

As I came into this world,
You didn't know what you'd see...
You didn't know what I'd look like,
Or who I'd come to be.

You didn't know how I'd wear my hair,
Or what color my eyes would be...
But you did not really care,
For I was just me.

As I grow older,
Less innocent every day...
You're still there for me,
Helping me in every way.

I know sometimes, "I Hate You",
I say that I don't care...
But what would my life be like,
If you weren't always there.

No hand for me to hold onto,
No footsteps guiding me the right way...
What would my life come to
If you weren't there every single day.

You help me to live,
You help me to grow,
To teach me life lessons,
What I must know.

You have helped me through and through,
Never letting go...
I'll always be here, Mommy
I love you so.

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