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Pulmonary Insemination

This song is by Amagortis and appears on the album Intrinsic Indecency (2010).

Too much coke. Too much speed
Hey there, what's your name you pretty thing?
It's not like I really care. Eat this pill babe
Let's get wasted. Want to fuck you senselessly!
Don't you worry, just this one time
Who cares on a New Year's Eve?
Come to my place, party's over
Got more booze and shit at home
Hardcore porn's my favorite thing next to drugs and alcohol
Inhale my semen till you stop breathing
Lungs now stuffed up with my cum, start to spaz
Heaving, choking as you go blue
This I didn't expect to be happening now
But fuck it, I'm gonna huff some glue
Wanting nothing more than to shove my cock back down your throat
Had enough of your bitching around anyway
You'll get one final load
Need more coke. Need some weed
I was planning on having a nice and quiet night
Sadly my urge got the best of me again
Now it's you who looks like you need medicine
Coughing blood and rolling on the ground
Never mind the fireworks outside the house
All I need to see is right in here
Didn't know how much harm that a load of jizz could do
Every single day one learns something new
As I watch you twitching and spazzing out
My dick starts to do some twitching of its own
God damn, how I love these experiments
So much to learn, so many studies in pain!

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