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Misplaced Mastectomy

This song is by Amagortis and appears on the album Intrinsic Indecency (2010).

A routine procedure, gone completely wrong
A real fucking pity. That chick had such nice cans
Graduated from med school, might have done too much drugs
Shouldn't have dropped that acid on the night before my first mastectomy
Misplaced mastectomy. Now confusion turns into doubt
My hand was steady applying the cuts. I knew something wasn't quite right
Still thought I knew what I was doing. Wasn't like I was still drunk
As I remove the tumor, something seems to be missing
What felt and looked like a lump, was that really the right boob?
A routine procedure. Gone completely wrong. A real fucking pity
That chick had such nice cans. And now they're in the trash
After the operation, the fuck-up came to the light
Husband going completely crazy
Not to speak of the soon-to-be-titless wife
One small confusion turned into truth
The tomogram hung up the wrong way
The lady was the one to pay
And now I have to run away
Misplaced mastectomy

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