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This song is by Amagortis and appears on the album Intrinsic Indecency (2010).

You fucking bastard
My life's a hell, it's time for payback
I'll enjoy this final night
How long have I had to take your stupid shit? No more!
Always had to hear you call me bitch
Time's up, gonna have to draw a final line
Guess what? Now it's you who's gotta kiss his ass goodbye
In the kitchen, I've prepared a nice and little snack for you
Chloroform the appetizer; dessert will be a pool of blood
Liquidate your helpless body, stop the begging
Severing your chains that bound me all these years
Burn all the evidence that might jeopardize me
No one will care, everyone hated you anyway
How long have I waited for this beauty day?
No more, never again, will I have to suppress my hate
Time's up! You're the one who's on his fucking knees
Guess what? I don't care how much you scream and plead

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