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Intrinsic Indecency

This song is by Amagortis and appears on the album Intrinsic Indecency (2010).

Wake up as the smell of shit and vomit seeds into my senses
Shards of glass pierce my feet as I stumble to the toilet
Coughing blood and gastric acid, stench becomes unbearable
Snort a line of meth before I get back into bed with my love
I know she loves me. The way that I am. Death won't part us
I can still get down on her cold dead snatch when I want to. No saying no to anal
But lately the smell's becoming fucking nasty
Spray me with feces and vermin as I invade your pus-infested asshole
Last time I washed her must've been the day she died
Throat slit with a kitchen knife. It was nothing but a silly accident
Since then, the flies have found their places, invading every single crevice
The burning under my foreskin has changed from nuisance to necessity
Got to clean this fucking mess up. But first I need to pack this bowl
My nerves need calming. My room needs airing now!
Wait for night-time. Can't be seen now, who knows what the neighbors know
I'll have to go out to feed my munchies later on. I've always loved her
The way that she was. Nothing changes
Even after death she still has her place in my heart and bed.

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