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Drenched In Diarrhea

This song is by Amagortis and appears on the album Intrinsic Indecency (2010).

I'll take my revenge now with my shit (on all you fucking dicks!)
Armed with a year worth of stinking feces
Cautious about always going low on that fiber
Fill the balloons till they're nice and plump
Tonight I'm gonna take my final dump
Drenched in diarrhea - unleash my fucking fecal fury
If you ever laid a fucking hand upon me, now's your time to pay
Have to give my fucking shit back
No more bullshit - drop a deuce on all society
First off comes the police station
Bust me for weed, I'll bust you with shit
Next the lying politicians. Fuck them and their fucking laws
Bankers and managers. Fuck-heads and Nazi skins
Wanna-be tough guys and moronic pricks
Religious hypocrites, warmongers, sexist dicks
Pedophiles, murderers, rapists and pigs
Fecal stench wakes you up
Seeping through the cracks
A nightmare all in brown
Creeping into your brain
Vomiting from your front window onto the street
Complete my mission to rid you of your last meal
I'll take my revenge now with my shit (on all you fucking dicks!)
Shitting on your life, shitting on your life
Fuck your perfect little life
Fuck your car and fuck your wife
Fuck you stupid yuppie dicks
Fuck your money and your chicks

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