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The Republic

This song is by Amadan and appears on the album Sons Of Liberty (2002).

With the message in hand willie nodded to the band
Of rebels holding camp in the south
Ill deliver this message to our soldiers on the border
Of Dublin near the county of Louth

Willie had a mission to prevent the extradition
Of the rebels exhausted from the day
They had carried themselves cross the cobbles in the rain
To take shelter in the neighboring hay

Being hit from the north by the british marching forth
Rebels questioned holding out for their cause
But the fire of grenades by the Black and Tan brigades
Afforded no time to take pause

Well they fled through Meath where their fears would unsheath
What many had already known
There were british in the city where Parnell gave no pity
To the country that they vowed to disown

Well they fled through the side of the GPO's hide
Where they sought to gain position on the brits
But with mortars taking down every building in the town
They were sure to be blown to bits

Willie saw what had gone wrong and was trying to be strong
As he made his way through the violence
He knew they would be dead if the message wasn't read
To the men who merely wanted silence

When willie arrived to the battle-hardened hive
Of the rebels hanging onto their soul
He presented then the purpose for his travels were not worthless
As he read them the order to console

We cannot fall from freedom 'cause we know that we can beat'em
If we gain the local courage of the men
But if no man shows therell be blood on our clothes
As we fight until the british rule ends

While their flag hung high in the red and orange sky
The green and gold did bring tears
Well the flames on the post gave rise to the roast
That would symbolize to revolt throught the years

While the british did destroy yet another Irish ploy
To gain freedom from their northern masters
The idea of the republic rang proudly throught the public
We'll always fight those English bastards

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