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Now let me just take a count
1,2,3, gotta fight "4 REAL"

Awaken my blood destiny!
Don't let go
Feel the beat
I'm not afraid of even the frozen dark night
These overflowing thoughts: right now, all of them
Connects us

Wake up, run towards fate, I know that you're the brave
Must be focused on the bull's eye, flip flap, right
It's time for you to get out from where you used to sleep
Awaken libido, yeah

I grasped tightly, to your trembling hands
That time, I...
Sway far away, just yearning
Since I recognize those that I see

Droplets spreads in my moist eyes
Have you waited for whatever prayers you have?
If you can stretch out your hand, you can reach the distance
Without being able to do anything

...however, as for right now
I understand, that this pain
Is not an ordinary scar. You really got to know
Because my rust-covered destiny
Gives me the resolution to face it... Fight "4 REAL"

Grab on to this hand, and don't let go
Believe the beat
We, with the amount that we've lost
Can become stronger. Just forever
Awaken my blood destiny! The gale that shoots out
Cannot be stopped by anyone
A thing to do for you! With a sparkling silver blade
I'll now dedicate all of these overflowing thoughts
To you

The bodies never die but the pains last forever
Nobody knows their fate but everybody chases their dreams
Her spear that she wielded was a beautiful deep blue
Whatever happens, you gotta save the thing you love

Your habit of laughing with narrowed eyes
Has become dear to me
No matter where you are, or what you do
I've been searching for the same image

Even though an obstructive wall brings me
To a spacious sky on a cold morning
Just the vibrations striking my chest
Remained hot

...therefore, at this very moment
I understand, that this power
Is even greater now than when I woke up. You really got to know
With these hands, I want to restrain
That body, merely for you to... Fight "4 REAL"

Let's search, for the flashes of light that will surely
Pierce through those repeated (bad) dreams
You give off radiant sparks
No matter how many times I come across you. Just forever
Awaken my blood destiny! You gave me
Kindness without even knowing it
A thing to do for you. With no one else
I just want to obtain one thing
A present with you...

Fight for the right, and you'll never be afraid, hey
Fight for the right, and just beat them right now
Fight or flight, such a primitive rule
You just burn it, just burn it, with fire
They think that you still let your lions sleep inside you
If so, build it up to the brim then unleash it all at once: an overwhelming overkill
Now you make it and take it
No you're not the one who wants to fake it
I know that you gotta sign it
This is your reality

Only the amount you sought slips through
The law of a swaying world
The real important thing is
To continue watching
Awaken my blood destiny! Even the wishes
That were forgotten yesterday
A thing to do for you. If you turn your back on them
Then even the spreading darkness, and everything, will...
Burn your life
Got to fight "4 REAL"

Don't let go of these hands that connects us
Believe the beat
Because the real important thing is
That you are close by
So now awaken my blood destiny!
Awaken by blood destiny! The gale that shoots out
Calls towards a new tomorrow
A thing to do for you! With a sparkling silver blade
I'll now connect all of these overflowing thoughts
To the future
Got to fight "4 REAL"