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One Day Remains (2004)Edit

Alter Bridge - One Day Remains
One Day Remains
  1. Find the Real
  2. One Day Remains
  3. Open Your Eyes
  4. Burn It Down
  5. Metalingus
  6. Broken Wings
  7. In Loving Memory
  8. Down to My Last
  9. Watch Your Words
  10. Shed My Skin
  11. The End Is Here
  12. Save Me (Bonus track)

Blackbird (2007)Edit

Alter Bridge - Blackbird
  1. Ties That Bind
  2. Come to Life
  3. Brand New Start
  4. Buried Alive
  5. Coming Home
  6. Before Tomorrow Comes
  7. Rise Today
  8. Blackbird
  9. One by One
  10. Watch Over You
  11. Break Me Down
  12. White Knuckles
  13. Wayward One
  14. The Damage Done (Best Buy Bonus Track)
  15. New Way to Live (Best Buy Bonus Track)
  16. We Don't Care at All (UK and iTunes Bonus Track)

AB III (2010)Edit

Alter Bridge - AB III
  1. Slip to the Void
  2. Isolation
  3. Ghost of Days Gone By
  4. All Hope Is Gone
  5. Still Remains
  6. Make It Right
  7. Wonderful Life
  8. I Know It Hurts
  9. Show Me a Sign
  10. Fallout
  11. Breathe Again
  12. Coeur d'Alene
  13. Life Must Go On
  14. Words Darker Than Their Wings
AB III.5 Bonus Tracks
  1. Zero
  2. Home
  3. Never Born to Follow

Fortress (2013)Edit

Alter Bridge - Fortress
  1. Cry of Achilles
  2. Addicted to Pain
  3. Bleed It Dry
  4. Lover
  5. The Uninvited
  6. Peace Is Broken
  7. Calm the Fire
  8. Waters Rising
  9. Farther Than the Sun
  10. Cry a River
  11. All Ends Well
  12. Fortress
Best Buy Bonus Track
  1. Never Say Die

The Last Hero (2016)Edit

Alter Bridge - The Last Hero
The Last Hero
  1. Show Me a Leader
  2. The Writing on the Wall
  3. The Other Side
  4. My Champion
  5. Poison in Your Veins
  6. Cradle to the Grave
  7. Losing Patience
  8. This Side of Fate
  9. You Will Be Remembered
  10. Crows on a Wire
  11. Twilight
  12. Island of Fools
  13. The Last Hero
  14. Last of Our Kind

Unreleased SongsEdit

  1. On My Way Now

Additional information

Years active:
  • 2004–present
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