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Heroes of the New World

This song is by Altars of Destruction and appears on the album Gallery of Pain (2010).

Strong will live, weak will die
The laws of nature, we can't deny
A violent race, rising from the past
They clench their dreams with their axe

A new world where darkness reigns
Demonic servants inflicting pain
Their legions grow, dreams forever
War dogs crying for blood murder

They are hunters, hunting the weak
They are the heroes, for the masses they speak
A new world of dishonor and hate
Tentacles of evil spreading from Hells gate
Coloring the blades, screaming for war
Attacking the streets on the Devil's call
Sharing a dream from a man from past
Nightmare reborn, they bring the holocaust

The grounds soaked with blood of the damned
They placed their trust, in a lie, in a man
The new world a purified race
Unholy, cleansed of all disgrace

Strong will live, weak will die
They are hunters with evil as their ally
A new world where violence reigns
Demonic servants join in pain