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Day of Judgement

This song is by Altars of Destruction and appears on the album Gallery of Pain (2010).

Feel your spine crawling
Insanity unfolding
Depression has no meaning
The time is near to die, die

Day of judgement
Sentence read "death"
Day of judgement
No remorse no regrets

Final moments foresee Hell
As you're taken from your cell
Touch of death, it feels so cold
God has left you on your own

Day of judgement
If only death could reap your evil side
Day of judgement
Doomed to burn for a schizophrenical mind

The priest says his final words
Angel of death is standing near
Entered to the book of the dead
Your captured soul, left to wander forever, forever

Feel your mind crawling
Insanity unfolding
Depressions lost all meaning
The time has come to die

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