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Children of Misfortune

This song is by Altars of Destruction and appears on the album Gallery of Pain (2010).

Suggestible shattered lives
Fragile voices suppressed cries
Seeking for emotional rest
From the violence and incest
Brutality scarring minds
Incision of unwanted lives
Addicted brains beating the dreams
Of those once meant to be

Children of misfortune

Children of misfortune
Rejected broken toys
Children of misfortune
Assaulted by their convoys
Apathy Dormancy has won
Hearts bleed within
Battered souls die unknown
In our world of sin

An infant's cry echoes through the night
In a cradle of emptiness
Abandoned left to starve and die
Unprevailed life in the bed of death
Tax-free guaranteed enjoyment insanity
The cost, lives, severe clementing cleaned up by society
Arising generation living dead
That the encouraging words from the institution will not mend