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Volvitur In Rota

This song is by Also.

When we were drowned in the [...]
We knew how to cry.
When we were tied to [a torture school bench? (O__0)]
They didn't tell us why.

And we found a loss
In the guiding books
Showing us how to be cruel.

[...] Task
To wear a fashion scarf
And to be cool.

And the only thing we knew:
Sun is yellow, the sky is blue.
And in prevailing [...] life
My money [...] life.

When we were [mashed?] on [...] helmets
We believed in killing time.
[...] Behind the [banking?] windows
[What's we?][perfect is? Perfectize?] a crime.

But then it was a hitch,
Something [awful see?]
And we saw death.

And the walls get [...]
And the mouth [throwed down?]
And we went mess.

The only thing we know that's [true? Due?]
Is that [(x__x)]
And our only hope instead
Is the hope on painless death.

Was that us - wanting to touch everything?..
Was that us - laughing every [...] glasses?..
Was that us - singing right tunes [in the?] religional asses?..
Was that us - masturbating in front of magazine [apples? (x__x) (x__x) (x__x)]

Was that us?!
Was that us?! Yes!.
Was that us?!

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