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All the Same

This song is by Also.

So here my confession
No, I don't know the sense
I won't call your Father
I won't kiss your hands

The first step to my end
At my mother's bear
I didn't cry
I didn't cry
I didn't cry...

They didn't understand me
But it was all the same to me
I never really care about her
She never really loved me

Everybody thought it was my duty
To show the signs of grief
I didn't even change my weekend
It was a fault, I believe

And I took my girlfriend
And I drank champagne
And I watched a movie
While it was all the same to me

Okay, I killed this man
Because he smiled
But I did not know that
It was a crime

A thousands of people
Occured by your rule
It can be wrong
So I thought
It can be wrong... It was a false

I never took in dressed to (...)
They were all the same to me
I never showed any feeling
They stood above of me

I didn't feel so happy
Though I had a lot of fun
I did without asking why
Why that thought had to be done

Nobody heard my laughter
Nobody knew my name
Nobody saw my tears
But it was all the same to me

And my last wish in day of my execustion when a hundreds expectators welcome me to these creeds of hate...

When I will be mounting at the scaffold, they all will see me smiled. They all will see me smiled!.. (sarcastic laughter)

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