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No More Days To Waste

This song is by Aloha from Hell and appears on the album No More Days to Waste (2009).

Do you mind it I blow up their rainbows
Make a joke and crack up till it hurts
Do you mind it I like talk forever
We gonna go where no one ever goes

This is it. I'm running down the hallway
Out school is out-oh school is out
There's nothing more to say

Watch out 'cause trouble's coming

Head down town, scream out loud
We're gonna break some rules
No more days to waste
So get a move on we're gonna have fun
No more days to waste

Living life like there is no tomorrow
Won't slow us down
It's a one way ticket ride
Listen up, tonight it's gonna happen
So follow us 'cause we're living for a day

Watch out 'cause trouble's coming

No more days to waste