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Red Unicorn

This song is by Ally the Fiddle and appears on the EP Red Unicorn (2008).

The beauty of the animal hurt their eyes
And his power bleached their veins.
A taste of blood in mouth and mind
They stumbled back home through the rain.

Nothing ever wounded his purple heart
And no one followed his trace -
All your badness burns your soul
When you're trapped and shivered by his gaze.

So they fled the place to their houses and huts
And hid behind their gates.
Uncomprehension in the woods
Made them fear and shake for their fate.


  • Music by Ally Storch
  • Lyrics by Ally the Fiddle
  • Arranged by Ally Storch, Robert "Rob" Klawonn, based on the trad. Irish tunes "Paddy Ryan's Dream" and "The Bunch of Keys"

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