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You're The Only One For Me

This song is by Allure.

Yeah ummm... yeay. I've gotten close so many times
Tryin to fit in I don't know why
I had to leave behind a dream that could be mine
I thought that I would never find
Someone who's heart could read my mind
Now I don't have to hide cause you are in my life

I promise you that love won't be easy
I promise you there'll be times apart (apart)
But I swear that it comes from my heart
When I promise you're the only one for me
(for me.. yeah)

Sometimes I know its hard for you
Wondering if we'll make it through
But if you give me time
I'll show you that you're mine, I promise you

Repeat Chorus

You showed me who I am, I know you understand
You taught me how to trust not be afraid of love
I'm not afraid to look in your eyes
I surrender to love I open up and let you inside

Repeat chorus x2

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