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Can't Live Without You

This song is by Allure and appears on the album Sunny Days (2001).

Time cannot tell how always
Hopelessly devoted
Turn over to think you are cold
Wandering with all my...
Arms to keep you warm
Are you lost?
Why did you leave me here alone?
Won't you please come home?

And I can't live my life without you
I will not rest but go on to find you
My world seems to live in neglect without you
I cannot bare to live without you

Where are you now?
Are you hurt?
Are you in someone elses arms?
Crying out for the one who cares for you in storms
Oh, my love, please don't doubt
For you I would lay down my life
For the chance to be with you again


So sorry, for whatever I've done
To make you go so far away
Wait for the day
That you will find your way back to me


To live without you
I cannot bare my life
My life, My life, My life, My life
I can't live without you
Oh, I can't live without you
I Need you
I Need you
I Need you
Cause, I wanted and needed you babe

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