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New World's Hero

This song is by Alltheniko and appears on the album Back In 2066 (Three Head Mutant Chronicles) (2012).

Many roads I've covered
Many nights far from my bed
Searching for the miracle
Or also only a word
My search is over now, fortune teller is in front me
Come and tell me what you see, teach me what I must be
New world's hero
Passing through the evil zone
Where pain is very own
I don't have second thoughts
No space for the doubt
My search is over now
Fortune teller is in front me
Come on, tell me, what you see
Teach me what I must be
New World's hero
And now I'm not afraid, I can see clear on my future
And no more cry on
Sail on
Trying to ground a brand new world to come
New world's hero
I want to know
The role and the truth
When I have seen the falling star
Searching for what
You want I become
Something that I cannot be
Save you from the hero
A hero I'll become