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No Place for a Heart

This song is by Allison Moorer and appears on the album Miss Fortune (2002).

I apologize, I should've kept it hidden
Under wraps and out of sight, at least in the beginning
But I wanted you to see what you meant to me
Turns out that wasn't smart
A sleeve is no place for a heart.

Wish I could take back the secret that I told you
But it's too late for that, now you know the whole truth
Three stupid little words, you never should've heard
But I let down my guard
A sleeve is no place for a heart.

Take one last look before it's gone
It's time I put it back where it belongs
Next time I will know not to let my feelings show
I'll keep them in the dark
A sleeve is no place for a heart.

Written by:

Allison Moorer and Doyle Lee Primm

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