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Let Go

This song is by Allison Moorer and appears…

Sometimes in the mornings
I wake up devastated that you're gone
It drives me kinda crazy
And I tell myself it's been a little long
To still be expecting you
To call me up on the phone
I don't like holding on
But I can't let go.

Sometimes a photograph of you
Will take my breath away
I don't think that time's a healer
No matter what folks say
How can years fly by so fast
And breaks in a heart mend so slow
I don't like holding on
But I can't let go.

Sometimes I'm in a room full of people
When old lonely sits by me
And it makes me sad to realize
That unlike you he won't ever leave
I wish I had some kind of pill
To take this feeling from my bones

I don't like holding on but I can't let go.

Written by:

Allison Moorer

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