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It's Time I Tried

This song is by Allison Moorer and appears on the album The Hardest Part (2000).

Sorrow, I'm told, comes and goes
But that ain't what I say
'Cause for me, the misery never goes away
It's been like this ever since you told me goodbye
And I've refused to lose these blues
But it's time I tried.

It's time I tried to mend my broken heart
Dry my eyes, and make a brand new start
I have to heal this hurt I feel
And get you off my mind
It might be hard but it's time I tried.

All I do is long for you
When I turn out the lights
'Cause nothing's left but loneliness
To hold onto at night
I toss and turn while my heart yearns
For love I've been denied
I can't replace your warm embrace
But it's time I tried

Written by:

Allison Moorer and Doyle Lee Primm

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