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Just Like You

This song is by Allison Iraheta and appears on the album Just Like You (2009).

You're textin me to say
You made a mistake
Couldn't say it face to face

You thought you wanted her
You got what you deserved
Now look who's getting played

They say karma goes around
I Used to want you
But I don't now

Roses are dry
Violets are black
And I can be cruel
Just like you

Tables have turned
Can't help but laugh
For saying we're through
Just Like You

You hit me up again
To tell me I'm the one
But I just hit erase

'Cause I'm so over it
I'm finally havin' fun
So drama go away

They say heartache
Heals in time
Whoever they are
Well, they were right

Tell me what she worth
Was she worth
Letting me go

Shovel in your hand
And you're digging yourself a hole

Now you're coming back
Just to hear me tell you no
Oh yeah, yeah

Comes around
Used to want you


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