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This song is by Allison Crowe and appears on the album Lisa's Song + 6 Songs (2003) and on the album Secrets (2004).


Words & Music by Allison Crowe

At midnight I open up my door
And I say,
"hey, well why don't you just go and see what happens then?"

And I don't know exactly what it is I'm trying to prove
All I know
Is this is just what works for me right now

But then I come back down... maybe in a minute, or two...
And you're already gone.

And I know that I can be cruel
And I don't always have a reason for it
You could ask me over and over again... and all I'd say is

But I guess you saw me sitting on the road
In the middle of a rain-storm crying
And I still don't know why
It seemed like a good idea at the time...

In my soul
Is water earth and air and fire
All the things that make us whole
And fuel all of your desire

But water can drown
And earth can quake
And fire can burn you out...
And I guess you know that, well...

I know you know that
Can blow you away

Written by:

Allison Crowe

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