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Moanin' the Blues

This song is by Allen Shaw and appears on the split split compilation album Complete Recordings in Chronological Order, 1928-1935 (1972) by Robert Wilkins, Tom Dickson and Allen Shaw and on the compilation The Rough Guide to Bottleneck Blues (2005).

Well, I woke up this mornin', mama, 'as feelin' bad
Got to thinkin' about the times I once have had

Now, if you don't want me why don't you tell me so?
I could get a woman anywhere I go

Lord, I asked the judge, "What should be my fine?"
Said, "Eleven, twenty-nine and fifty dollar fine"

Yes, I asked the judge to be "easy as you can
That's all I want, you to slip me from the pen"

Ummm, ummm
Cryin' ummm, ummm
Cryin' ummm, ummm

Ever since my mother has been dead
Been troubles and trials jumpin' 'cross my head

Cryin' ummm, don't nobody know
Cryin' ummm, don't nobody know