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Part 2 The Answer 6

This song is by Jadakiss.



Hey yo Part 2 AI and Jadakiss presenting the A6 from the wrist
Can tell it's a straight swish
Now I'm the problem and he's the Answer
Soon as you try to guard up you ain't got a chance to stop it
Any given time he can pop it
The Reebok A6 is hot go cop it!

For 2K3 I rock the A6 my new kicks
Take a few hits, it ain't nothin I'm used to it

Tryin' to build a team I'm the player ya need
Heart like Willis Reed top thief and scorer in the league

There's no way to disguise your dream
Besides family the only thing on his mind now is a ring
He got love for the game his start was huge
And you seen him play hurt cause his heart is huge
Six feet 165 call Iso anytime he want he'll split your 5
He play to win he don't play for stat's
Brought the hood to the game
And they love him for the braids and tats

Yeah Trackmasters AI and Jadakiss make sure you go out and get a
Pair of the A6!


Part 2 AI and Jadakiss presenting the A6
It's all fundamental and basics
Part 2 AI and Jadakiss presenting the A6
It's all fundamental and basics

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