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​You & Me

This song is by Allday and appears on the mixtape Songs I Don't Hate (2013).

I was born for this life, like since a little kid
I know the future is now fuck all the simple shit
I'm full of wistfulness uh fuck all the whisperers
And if you rap on this beat now get off my big old dick

For real, how many Flume beats I have to steal?
How can they keep looking through something that is real
Uh I'm serious as cancer getting badder still
Smoking green and looking at the sky drinking camomile

Cold heart, hard grip, was all fast I got sick
It's a long life I got bored quick but I'm all right I got this
More money more problems and I listen to more big
While they try to keep me small but I try to force it

What a battle my vessels increasing and I babble
My raps all the day long hope things I write travel
And I get it the equation that I'm facing is a strange one
Got to find my own forever this is day one

This is making less sense to everyone but me
If I die I don't mind I'm here for company
Not dollars nor followers I follow what is compassy
Hearts and they're leading me up it's all encompassing

I'm in the melbourne winter here jeans jumper beanie
Thinking bout cali on the beach man I must be dreaming
I'm feeling like I'm slash 'fore he started fiending
Feeling like axl in his prime 'fore becoming greedy

Hey, I got my eye on you motherfuckers
My third eye in the sky on you motherfuckers
I would pull the moon down and the sun above us
I'm not just another, I'm the the total enchilada

So prendelo, always high never low
They always used to tell me no, I'd be like ya never know
It looks like I K.O'd the lamos this good fight
Is far from over but right now its good night