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This song is by Allday and appears on the mixtape Soft Grunge Love Rap (2015).

Our lost souls'
Sad song
(Riding cross town straight for you)
I'm tainted
Make it bang
Bass up
(My flaws outweighing my virtues)

These one here for bad bitches yeah
Tonight I'm saying bad bitches yeah
I see angels they ascending yeah
Friday night and it's candescent yeah
This one here for my real fucking team
Holy holy is he's who 'suffering
We desert horses we keep running free
Good pussy and weed that'd be enough for me
That'd be enough for me

City girls they aren't naive
Welcome to the 1990s
Us city boys we don't dance we tryna leave
I don't fuck with that high society (fuck that shit)
'Cause I don't need to extra status
Got a airess on a air mattress
She said how you want it yeah daddy
1 level up that rare candy yeah
Pokemon shit

And I got money in my pocket, devil on my shoulder
Angel in my bed, and ill never ever call her
I got dirt in my past, fresh shit in my closet
Right next to the skeletons, they dead and forgotten
It's been an hour since smoking I'm DUE
I'll rep my hood until my times through
I'm coming up and I'm bringing my crew
I got some girls and they all fine too (yeah yeah Yeah)
My bank account never did match my IQ
Never let expectations define you
I don't mind kids copying what I do
I know they just tryna shine too
In my hood you better drive through
I hope that you catch the lights too