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​Run A Mile

This song is by Allday and appears on the mixtape A Skateboard Soiree (2012).

But you don't believe me baby
Every time I try to describe how I feel
So if you're up there baby
You know I would run a mile up a hill
Just to be by your side
I'd be so tired I could die
But the feeling is right
You're the reason I'd run a mile up a hill

Baby everything has changed
Since that Friday Saturday then every single day
Me without you I'd be mental in the brain
I could stare at you forever count the freckles on your face
Uh, and that would be my lucky number
All you are is music in the air tralalala
Nothing other than you you're my atmosphere
I couldn't breathe at all if I didn't have you here
And if a meteor should happen to appear
We can burn it up so there's nothing you should fear
Ill say the sweetest things to ya ears
Then prove them over time through the years

So tell me that you want me and you can't stop
Ill tell you that ill want you till your heart stops
Ill say it everyday until the penny drops
'Cause I would run forever to the very top

You call me jigga I call you yeezy
The corner piece to my puzzle you sorta complete me
Now I wonder if I've got a genie
'Cause I use to say love it doesn't have a lot of meaning
Nah, but you tended all my wounds
And I don't need a doctor 'cause my specialist is you
And you know the answer you're the medicine I choose
But the side effect is now my hearts swelling till its huge
Well, I blame it on me and you
All the love songs on the radio ring true
You're my autumn love and a summer fling to
And winter and don't forget spring to

And your eyes are deep blue sky blue
When I see you I lose sight of my blues
So I put this song in your itunes
I would run a mile not even in the right shoes