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Paranoid From The Bikie Weed

This song is by Allday and appears on the mixtape Soft Grunge Love Rap (2015).

Fuck all the mixxy flows, really though
I wanna talk not just send each other videos
Back in 04 spitting raps into a flip phone
To an anti fashion icon the kid grown
Vogue mags on my coffee table
To the grave via bad bitches from the cradle
They used to talk shit but it wasn't fatal
I'm still here although I'm off the rails
River phoenix scenic route touring
No winnebago I wish I could be around more
But I'm the big dog, glenn rob thinking bout all this
When something happened I would be in town for it
Not anymore though
Guess I got sick it all started with mono
I was friend zoned like gordo
Now I'm peter north in a porno, bitch swallow
But inbetween we'd smoke weed and drink rum
And rarely come home and never ring mum
And fuck and you'd be mad, while I'm trying to think up
Excuses in a stupor when I couldn't get my thing up
All these feelings I can't bring up
Is this real are we a thing? mystery sucks

I'm paranoid from the bikie weed
So high
Tell the fuck boys its time to leave
So high, all the time

Girl tell me how good I look
And don't ask me how long it took
Or who I had to pull from the ladder rungs
Just to find a gutter on the roof man I had enough
All to be a legend like bagger vance
Was the prince of belair slash blackwood once
Tell me who's taking what I needa add it up
I don't even check my bank I just scan my card
My treat my treat
Feel like the king of oz Sa'id Sa'id
I'm not even rich just I'm just happy I can eat
Without shoplifting can't stop thinking ima beep
Consistent wolves all thinking ima sheep
Girl talking to me wrong start I'ma leave
Garrett can't kick the the fucking habit
You don't write ya hooks and ya not much of a rapper
Yeah I was filling books pages becoming tattered
Reminiscing on days when nothing mattered
Guess you walked under a ladder 'cause you said i
Wouldn't blow up, I guess that was an error
I remember, with your luck ditch the powerball games
I'm keeping mental notes of the doubters full names
All the power obtained to my head but in fairness
Put myself on the list all the weed got me nervous

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