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This song is by Allday and appears on the Mixtape Soft Grunge Love Rap (2015).

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'Cause I don't believe in magic
I just believe in you
Baby there's no right answers
We're just getting through

I just wanna see ya 2 nipples
And talk your language like dr dolittle
Boys in clubs always saying you're beautiful
And you be like c'mon dude chi-ill
We roll up a blunt to burn like crucible
Or do a line off somebody in a cubicle
Ill do almost anything I don't say no a lot
And I don't need a yacht baby to go overboard
We get drunk a lot just to make the hangover stop
Its hard to stay sober if the place is going off
And it's always going off when I step in there
Girls in sportswear sweating like phys ed
I just think with my dick I'm a dick head
How'd I fit inside the door with my big head
In my room just staring at the wall
Thinking bout ya

And I'm sure ya boyfriends the sweetest
But he does lack a certain me-ness
And all my ex girls say I'm the meanest
But fuck those hoes that don't mean shit
'Cause see I got my own demons to beat like peter
Parker smoking mary jane reefer fucking singers
That's why my life feels like a musical
They better play r kelly at my funeral
See I don't wanna rate you with a numeral
But 10 would be the number that is suitable,
That's why I heard some handsome guy saying
Why's she with dude he must be like famous,
And I don't mind baby, with how fasts my lifes changing
I probably can't be there, as much as it might pain me
In me mums car broom broom, your sex drive crazy
Like mercedes I'm with you till the hell fire flames me
No red lights baby, and your body gyrating
Still a teenage dirtbag lets listen to iron maiden
Yeah you're my favourite yeah you're my favourite
Don't regret my statement high as empire state is
No ifs kinda maybes born right after the nineteen 80s
I wanna take you to bed girl no hibernating
Wanna message all the time baby just like we're dating
And we might one day if you don't mind waiting

And I know
Its kinda crazy
I never meant for it to go this far

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