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​For The Angels

This song is by Allday and appears on the mixtape Soft Grunge Love Rap (2015).

'Cause time moves like a good butt jiggles
Satisfaction is long hard riddle
And I wish you good luck with it all
And I wish you good luck with it all
If there's angels watching over me
I hope they focus someone more deserving
If there's angels watching over me
Well this is for the angels

I used to skip school, go hang out at my grandma's
Come back for art to hit on jade, I never cracked her
I used to ride on empty, south road up to flagstaff
In my 626 mazda, rusty brown and smashed up
A year later I met jess, goon drunk with fat ass
She'd come round in her dads car, she drove that shit like nascar,
Before I was a rapper
I was just a guy that freestyled at parties for status I never had none
I used to spend eery day with my friends in the garage
Or talking shit with my cousins, on the carpet at my mannas
I think they stopped believing that I'm coming like santa
But my circumstances changed I'm just doing what I have ta
I had dreams of fucking angels and coming down
In white sheets in rooms with views above the clouds
Take your time until the right moment
Then move quick you don't get it twice over

Sometimes I feel as lonely as Pluto
That's when I let the drink throw me like judo
I love my friends but my homies aren't you though
Growing past conversations like go and fuck 2 hoes
I'm actually sick of messing with these hearts
I guess I'm growing up, I took my time too but here we are
The world is spinning fast, dancing till the jig is up
Getting all the hate is fine it's the love that's trickier
My old area don't feel the same
People I used to idolise are seeming lame
And I know it's me that changed, after all we attained
I don't need much but art and some love to keep me sane
I say that shit but yo I'm in the club and its closing
Fucking with hoes that only wanna fuck 'cause they know me
Suffice to say its dope but I'm lonely and isolated
At times in this ivory tower that I created

She said
I'm trippin' on you baby I'm trippin' on you
Could it be the drugs in our bellies I'm feeling it to
And you can come up in this world I'm living the proof
You got the flower power baby you really in bloom
Thinking of stupid shit I did I should regret lot
I guess it's not all bad tho looking at where I got
Already as if I'm done, I don't think ill ever stop
I'm gaining on the leaders my old rivals already lost
And I'm feeling some way tonight
And I'm feeling this way tonight
And I'm feeling some way tonight
The light on your face