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This song is by All Too Human and appears on the album Juggernaut (2012).

Down again into the mouth of madness
Internalize the face of all your sadness
And one by one we crawl in chaotic order
The warnings came in with a flood as our empathy grows colder
Where is home?
Cursed to repeat the past, my friend
The bastard son against the wall again

Down from the ashes
From a hole I crawl
Subjugate your innocence
Your back's against the wall
Where is home?
Shining in the sun and take them on
Back to the place where we belong

Lies carve the years between
Your self-control and your poison dreams
Nothing's ever sacred
When none of us are saved
Where is home?
Back to the place that we have always known
Will this decadence and hypocrisy go on?

Once again we play the game
A game of lies and chances
Among the thieves and hypocrites
Of pious lies and wicked glances

We're all bleeding for an unseen God
Retribution's coming like a flood

Where is home?
We all have the strength to carry on
Walk the path that brings us all back home

Down again into the mouth of madness
Let the walls come crashing down and purify your sadness
Take you home, take you home
Wash away the black that hides the sun
Home, find your way back home
Back to the place we've always known

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