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This song is by All Too Human and appears on the album Juggernaut (2012).

Liar! No secrets I won't tell
Mired! In this black hole to hell
Buyer! For souls the devil sells
Wired! In this electric cell

Reaching for what's senseless
A fondness for decay
Despise what is righteous
Don't you get in his way

Trying! To get the dirty work done
Fighting! With pen, word, and gun
Wanting! To make the pieces one
Daunting! The worst has just begun

Feeling so defenseless, life in disarray
Hopeless, disillusioned, a feeling of dismay

You and me, we're not the same
I know who I am, and I'm not what you're after
And if you let me be, then you'll have peace
But if you impose your belief
That's when you'll see the ruffian in me
Ruffian in me!

Stealer! Of other people's dreams
Dealer! Of sick and twisted schemes
Hater! Of all the good in life
Betrayer! Watch for the twisting knife

Liar! Stealer! Hater! Betrayer! (x2)
Ruffian, ruffian, ruffian in me

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