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This song is by All Too Human and appears on the album Juggernaut (2012).

Blinded by your self-devotion
And ruthless sacrifice
Crushing all lying in your wake
With a heart as cold as ice
On a senseless mission
Of destruction, hate and pain
The wheels of this machine keep rolling
Sending innocents to their grave

(Gonna break you down!)
(Gonna break you down!)
(Go! Go! Go!)

Caught up in your machinations
With vengeance so precise
Captured within your own passions
You make others pay the price
They're screaming in the streets
And all the people run in fear
The juggernaut keeps rolling
As the end of all draws near

(Gonna break you down!)
(Gonna break you down!)
Juggernaut! Juggernaut!

Take away all that they cherish
Take away all they hold dear
No rhyme or reason for these actions
It seems so unclear

Never thinking twice
You have no feelings or remorse
The juggernaut keeps rolling
As it takes the world by force

Juggernaut! Juggernaut!

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