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Cut Me

This song is by All Too Human and appears on the album Juggernaut (2012).

With cloak and dagger
You've cut me many times before
Though I'm not a beggar
I hold my hands out and two is four
And now I can see into the shadow
But I dare not walk through that door
'Cause there you stood, there you stood
Waiting to pull me down, pull me down

And I woke a sleeping giant
A weary eye turns my way
But now I'm so jaded
I held my heart out, now 6 is 9
And if there's one thing you're aware of
It ought to be the judgment day
And when you have no answer
You'll be on your own

Joking, laughing at me
The killing, it's insanity
Put your needs ahead of me
Can't destroy my inner peace

Cut me (x3)

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