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This song is by All Too Human and appears on the album Juggernaut (2012).

Fear, deceit in someone's eyes
Speaking words like landmines
Take the bait within a smile
Tension overwhelming life

Seething, we're coming to the edge
Done with all your diatribes
Surrounded by the ignorant
Stealing, common sense for greed
Gut the world for all its worth
Hoard much more than you could need
Anger overwhelming life

Can't take this bitter
Corrupting decline
This dead horse just can't
Can't take the beating
Sick of the lies!
Can't take this bitter
Corrupting moral decline
This dead horse
Just can't take the beating
Sick of all these lies!

Wearing intentions out on the sleeve
What's on the surface for all to see

Wearing feelings on the outside
In the end, what it's all for (What's it all for?)
Selfish lives and angry masses
Crushing down the hope of all (What's it all for?)
Take the good and twist it inside
For the only one who matters most (What's it all for?)
To the path of madness, we seek serenity
Will we ever see the good?

My catharsis is done... for now

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