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Home To Me

This song is by All That Remains and appears on the album Behind Silence And Solitude (2002).

once again i'll call your name
you'll hear but not answer
foolish heart quakes with pain, mocking embrace

i push away longing, aching my company,
wither decay, this empty inheritance

looking glass shattered eyes, bleeding so softly
selfishness hollow smile, cracks my foundation

bleeding me dry, a foolish display
you walk through my halls and you tear me down
masochist some would say
but you feel like home to me
winter mood illuminates
these lasting impressions i elevate
this last thing i do regret
for you feel like home to me

silver tongue, crystal eyes, follow my piper
for my fear shield of lies, completing my failure

now my sins show the way, to lasting impressions
not for get last of days, to where i will follow

fading colors you've shown me
and your arms have led me far astray

you feel like home to me
you were like home to me

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