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Tug Of Love

This song is by All Living Fear and appears on the album Home Too Soon (2003).

If you love me, then you can love another
Don't mistake the way I feel or you will soon discover
That I'm empty, there's no love in my heart for you
If you trust me, then you should trust another
Consider me a stepping stone and find a different lover
Just deception, I put on a mask for you
The Puppet Master doesn't pull my strings
I go where I choose and take what Cupid brings
I'll treat you so nice and break your barriers down
Once you've given your all, then I'm no longer around
It's the tug of love baby and I pull you in
I won't give an inch I always play to win
Never say that I love you, so I never lose
'Cause I'm a heartless bastard with nothing to prove

Now you hate me, can't cope with my rebuttal
Your wall came down, you felt so good
But now I've burst the bubble
Your emotions have left you alone and confused
So vindictive, you resent the way you feel
Fell too quick and now all's lost, self-reproach does not appeal
You blame me but the blame only lies with you

So foolish, you can't deny you're so naïve
The signs were there for all to see
It's you who chose not to believe
Complaisant, you were only too willing to please
Consolation, I left you with your pride intact
I could've said where you went wrong
But that's a hurt that don't belong
Forget me, it just wasn't meant to be

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