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Tour De Force

This song is by All Living Fear and appears on the album Into The Light (1998).

I'm crying like Mustang Sally with a jigsaw mind
All the pieces fall into place
I'm running with no place to hide
The king sits on his throne
The final stitch is sewn
The DJ spins a silver platter
Sweat on my brow is no laughing matter
Jester on the court, the umpire is bought
World spins around the children are taught
Flying to the moon on a silver spoon
Divorce of rhythm and rhyme
Red light, green light flashes my eyes
A sound in my head like Morse
Magnificent dream
The nightmare of the tour de force
Help me, help me, screaming, pleading
I'm tearing my skin, I'm moaning and bleeding
Fevered brain, frame by frame
No end and no remorse
Magnificent dream
The nightmare of the tour de force

Crawling in fear for a safe place to hide (sanctuary)
Delirium fuelled, reason overruled
Curse of the illness inside
A hurricane of freezing shards
The roses fall like cards
Butterfly sails on a rain of steel
My skin is dead, I cannot feel
Sounds of future echo from past
Explosions of light, kaleidoscope blast
Fighting for control in a suicide roll
Body on fire again

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