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The Nearly Man

This song is by All Living Fear and appears on the album Home Too Soon (2003).

Have you seen the nearly man who lives down Almost Lane
He remembers yesterday, an inch away from fame
A life of love and promises. A legend in the game
Opportunities gone by, nothing, stays the same
Wrong place, wrong time, wrong face, wrong name
A losing player in life's cruel game
Does no one even care
Wrong time, wrong place, wrong name, wrong face
The nearly man, no state of grace
But still nobody cares

He lives his life from day to day, no future, aim or plan
With constant pain his alibi, there goes the nearly man
Like driftwood floating aimlessly and tossed up on the shore
Still hoping for the higher ground the nearly man implores

His humour as infectious as the bad luck that resides
The victim complex casually sitting by his side
The almost famous lifestyle still waiting in the wings
The fame and glory imminent the moment that he sings

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