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Queen Of Delusion

This song is by All Living Fear and appears on the album Home Too Soon (2003).

I met her many years ago and she stayed my friend for so long
Believed the confidence she gave as she sang her siren song
Her line was overpowering so logical and true
When she went I fell from so high it left me feeling blue
I followed my nose and it led me astray
The favours I granted nearly broke me that day
The friends that I made were like moths to a light
When it started to dim they were soon to take flight

Mirror obsession, repetitive night
Consummate floorshow, beautiful sight
King of the in crowd, Prince of the ball
Dorian waiting, reality call

She smoked the longest cigarette and drank the tallest glass
And loved right through the midnight hour until the night had passed
As time went by the image cracked, her spell began to fail
Although her kiss was still so sweet her breath became so stale

She babbled incoherently and argued, fought and cried
Too tired to see light as it dawned, casting all her sense aside
Exhausted by hypocrisy, too lost within the fame
Addicted to the glamour trip she nearly cost my name

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