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Judgement Day

This song is by All Living Fear and appears on the album Into The Light (1998).

Running through the trees dripping fear and sweat
A fire in the night, an ever closing net
Red hot embers and the choking smoke
Curling round your body like a living cloak
Near, drawing near
Fear, living fear

And the mind in the body is a smoking gun
Leaving the reminders of the broken one
Picking at the locks, on your hope it feeds
All living fear is all your body needs

Hiding in the shadows of an empty room
Walls closing in, an overwhelming gloom
Darkness surrounds your whole body's length
Clutching at the face of your ebbing strength

Near, drawing near
Fear, living fear

Running to the edge of an endless drop
You try to slow it down but you're too late to stop
Falling through the air at a hopeless rate
Ground reaches up to reveal your fate

Near, drawing near
Fear, living fear

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