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This song is by All Living Fear and appears on the album Home Too Soon (2003).

In the forest, the black, deep forest
Searching for that seductive bliss
Fermenting shadows, dance and taunt me
Restraining me from the velvet kiss
In the forest, the black, deep forest
The trailing tendrils of my matted hair
Forever flowing, never knowing
Circling endlessly, going nowhere
A dead end down another blind trail
Around the corner and on into the night
A new morning, a misty dawning
Eight more hours through the darkness till light
No self-inducement created this monster
That blocks my every means of retreat
Incarceration keeps me from what I miss:
The imprint from the sandman's feet

Surreal rambling through thorny bushes
Grasp the Grail, grab the chance for peace
A multitude of swirling voices
A scything tirade that will not cease
Unwelcome presence to stir the silence
Desperation seeking some release
The light that beckons from the far side
Calling me to the precipice

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